GNA | Global Nano Additives
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Innovation in Nanoadditives

Our innovation stems from the development of a lubricant additive for extreme temperatures and pressures based in nanotechnology, which makes it possible to decrease wear on tools and increase the useful life of the lubricant. This is achieved by incorporating nanocompounds that adhere to the micropores of the metal, forming a protective layer that decreases friction and wear.


Further, our product is sustainable and has no direct competitor in the market. The technology is protected by patent requests in México and the United States of America.

Environmental benefits

Reduction in CO2 emissions in the forgery process by up to 80%.


Increase in the performance (useful life) of the lubricant by 60%.


Increase in the useful life of the tool by at least 20%.

Social Benefit

Healthy work conditions inside the plant.

Strategic partners