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A lubricant and release agent for extreme temperatures based in nanoadditives with 80% less carbon content. Can be applied in closed or open forgery processes.


Due to its powerful lubricant additive, it is capable of increasing the life of dies and punches by at least 20%.


Due to low carbon content, it reduces CO2 emissions to a minimum, which significantly improves the work environment for operators and reduces environmental impact.


A soluble lubricant for metal cutting at high pressures, based in high lubricity nanoadditives. ATOM LUB CUT  supports up to 200% more pressure that conventional lubricants. It decreases by at least 20% the wear on cutting tools (millers, gravers, cutters, etc.).


Because our nanoadditive is immune to bacterial decomposition, we are capable of increasing by at least 60% the performance (useful life) of the lubricant. Furthermore, we eliminate skin irritation of machine operators and foul odours.


Because we eliminate conventional additives based in sulphates, chlorates, and phosphates, ATOM LUB CUT  significantly decreases environmental impact.

GNA, the evolution of lubrication technology!

We are solving the most important problems facing the industrial lubrication sector in the last 75 years: high cost, low efficiency, harmful environmental impact, and technical limitations.