Disinfectant Spray Máquina Eléctrica de ULV pulverizador Portátil ULV de Ultra Baja Capacidad de la Mochila de Nebulización en Frío de la Máquina Para los Hospitales de la Casa



$3 341.98 $2 272.58

Etiquetas: secador de aire de la máquina, para rociador de jardín, nebulizador de ultrason, Rociador de jardín, niebla fría, manual pulverizador, spray pulverizador de agua, portátil desinfectante en aerosol, fogger, electrostática pulverizador para disenfecting.

  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Volumen de pulverización: 450 ml
  • Pulverizador De Tipo: Mochila
  • Número De Modelo: 20200318
  • Capacidad: 7L
  • Material: De plástico
  • Type2: ultrasónico de la niebla maker nebulizador
  • El poder: 1200W
  • Tipo de: rociador de la energía
Aeko Aemz
I ordered this product 27. 12. 2020 he came to me in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny 16.01.2021. Besides, before that, I got into the neighboring city of Yelabuga, it's not clear how, and there was a call from the company sdek, which is not clear how they work and offered to pick it up, having specified the address all the same brought to the destination in my city. The box came crumpled and dirty but not torn electric UMO generator sprayer was shabby and dirty but new. According to the rule, it was a fragile product it was supposed to be in a sealed package of wood and in fact just shoved and sent. I do not advise you to use this store, and the company carrier sdek.
The goods came with a defect, until in work did not check
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